Rules & Dates


Please consider these dates and act accordingly.

8. 9. 2024
Closing date for applications
15. 9. 2024
Last day for survey collection
20. 9. 2024
Committee evaluation start
6. 10. 2024
Committee evaluation end


Any webshop can apply to Web Retailer Award, no matter how big or small.

Upon applying, you will receive a username and password for a specialized platform (Intelligence Dashboard) where you can monitor your progress in the competition.

All participating webshops that wish to advance to the next round must collect at least 20 post-purchase surveys from their customers. To gather these post-purchase surveys, applicants must add a script to their website, which we have prepared for this purpose.

When a customer makes a purchase, the script triggers a pop-up asking them to leave a review.

After you have collected over 20 post-purchase reviews, your webshop will go through technical analysis* by our team, after which you will be evaluated by up-to-date standards and best practices in e-commerce.

Only three webshops per category are to move up to the final round, where they will be evaluated by our international committee of experts, who not only evaluate the webshop but also provide valuable intel on which areas you should focus more on and how you can improve (if needed to).

At the conclusion of the evaluation period, we will review all the scores attained by each competitor in the competition. The individuals with the highest scores will be selected as the winners.

*Any competitors that haven’t collected at least FIVE post-purchase reviews will not be receiving a technical analysis, as we can’t conduct an adequate analysis without sufficient data.

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