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    By not providing info on last years revenue you give up competing for the Web Challenger/Champion awards.

    Other awards

    Best Loayalty: Only webshops with active loyalty programs can compete for this award.

    Best Customer care: The best customer care options in compliance with current standards.

    App of the year: Overall best user expierence when purchasing in their app. Browser redirects don't count!

    Best Payment experience: the best payment experience of all the applied webshops.

    Best Sustainability initiative: Submit the conscious approach that is based on sustainable operation, ethical towards employees or customers, and is environmentally friendly (which you employ) - and you think deserves to win an award.

    Best Newcomer: the applicant has to have had launched their webshop in the last 2 years (prior the year of the current competition).

    Best Delivery Experience: proven to best exemplify the industry standard for delivery options.

    Best Crossborder shop: overall best webshop that ships their products cross local borders.

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