Applied competitors have a chance to win a plethora of awards, make a name for themselves, and bask in the glory.

Over the years of the competition, we have given out over 500 awards! And this year we are following up with even more than usual.

Competitors span over 14 categories. Applicants thus compete for the prestige in their respective category and at the same time for Web Champion or Web Challenger Award respectively. The qualifier for the latter is based on last year’s revenue of the applied webshop.

Competing for BEST IN THE ADRIATIC, the main award of the competition, however, has no limit to entry. This year we also introduced some additional (optional) awards that applicants have to opt-in to try and win.

This year we have introduced some additional (optional) awards that applicants have to opt-in to try and win.


Category Award

One award for each category per country. Check your market position in your product category.

Web Champion Award

The Web Champion Award is awarded to the larger webshop that performs the best in all categories. In each country, we select one retailer to receive this award.

Web Challenger Award

For the Web Challenger Award, the process is the same, but the award is intended for smaller webshops.

People’s Choice Award

For those who have the Certified Shop trust mark and have 50 post-purchase reviews in 2022. What’s better than being voted the best retailer by your customers?

Best Loyalty Program

Do you have a loyalty program? Yes? And do you have the BEST loyalty program? Enter the competition and find out.

Best Customer Care

More than 100 e-commerce experts give their expert opinion and choose just one webshop that they think deserves an award.

Best Payment Experience

The customers like to see that they have more options. Especially when it comes to the end of the basket and having more payment types to choose from. How well do you make this possible? Maybe even the best in the whole Adriatic region?

Best Delivery Experience

As with payments, so with delivery – the more options you give me, the happier I am. Maybe you’re the best at it?

Best in Adriatic Award

Who is the best of the best? Sign up and everyone will find out about you.

Best Inspirational Leader

It’s up to you. You will write down the first name that comes to mind when you hear the term inspirational leader – so who is this entrepreneur who is your role model?

Best App of the Year

Does your online shop have it’s own app with which you can make online purchases? Well, that automatically gives you the chance to make your app the best in the Adriatic region.

Best Crossborder Shop

If you have an online shop present in several different markets, then you have a chance to win the Best Crossborder Shop award.

Join the competition

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