About WRA 23

Web Retailer Award is the annual competition hosted by Ceneje.si, Jeftinije.hr, and Idealno.rs (all a part of Heureka Group). 

The value of competition is not only the recognition and proof of excellence but the technical analysis that comes with it. Serious competing webshops will be getting a review of their webshop in alignment with current best practices and guidelines in e-commerce.

This year we have introduced many changes to help even out the playing field for smaller as well as bigger applied webshops. The usual customer opinions that are treasured by applying webshops will only be viable after a purchase is made on the competing webshop, thus ensuring a more relevant and valuable technical analysis report, reviewed by experts, along with many other novelties.

Categories of the competition

Compete in over 14 categories to win prestigious titles. This year we also introduced some additional (optional) awards that applicants have to opt-in to try and win.

More about awards

This years winners

Meet the webshops that have reigned supreme.