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LECTURE TITLE │ The rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce – A FedEx view

Diego Asproso

Senior Sales Manager for South East Europe & GSP Countries (FedEx Express)

Diego started his career in FedEx 27 years ago in Italy as Account Executive, few years later he was relocated to Brussels as Sales Training Facilitator responsible for the Sales education in Europe and Middle East. After his 3 year assignment, he returned to Florence (Italy) where he currently lives, and he spent more than 10 years in the Worldwide Sales Organization as Account Manager for the Fashion & Luxury Good Sector at EU Level. More than 15 years ago he started his sales managerial career being responsible for Italy and Turkey during the TNT and FedEx Integration process, and for the last few years he has been leading the Sales Organization as Senior Sales Manager for Eastern and South Europe with more than 20 countries under his remit. Diego carries a vast sales and supply chain knowledge and experience along with business acumen to support business growth.

LECTURE TITLE │ Digital Brand Marketing vs Performance Marketing: Achieving the Right Balance

Kremena Yordanova

Digital Brand activations (ex. Adidas & Reebok)

Kremena stared her professional career at Reebok back in 2007 and have been part of many great teams - Retail, Footlocker and ecom to name a few. She is passionate about storytelling and brand purpose. Kremena is a leader focused on combining data-driven decision-making and using your intuition to guide strategy. Her strengths stem from putting team building and innovation at the center of all she does. She started her career back in 2007 at Adidas in supply chain and transitioned to digital marketing over the years. Almost always Amsterdam based she crafted proven record of deliverables within Retail Footlocker key account management and ecom. Her last role as director digital marketing activations allows her to be in the center of all marketing channels and the role they play. After leaving Adidas, Kremena has transitioned into a consulting role, where she continues to leverage her extensive experience and expertise to drive success in various projects and initiatives.


Hugo Faustino

Digital Strategist (ex. Nike & Cisco systems)

Hugo is a highly experienced creative strategist with over 15 years of expertise in the industry, excelling in roles ranging from multimedia specialist to campaign manager and Marketing CRM automation/Creative strategy. He possesses a deep understanding of both traditional and digital marketing, serving a diverse range of clients, including B2B, B2C, eCommerce, and startups, by delivering data-driven creative services that produce tangible results. Currently serving as a Digital Strategist at Creative Media, Hugo's strategic vision enables him to connect with audiences effectively and achieve outstanding outcomes through digital strategies. His diverse background in tech media, retail management, and media production allows him to create brand strategies focused on audience insights, brand voice, positioning, and consumer engagement for renowned brands like Netflix and Nike. Additionally, Hugo is a Creative Lead at the award-winning community OMEK and actively contributes to various social initiatives and tech creative workshops.

LECTURE TITLE │ Objective information: The way to data-based decision-making

Pei-Tse Tseng

Sales eCommerce Manager

Pei-Tse works as a Sales eCommerce manager at eCommerceDB and is responsible for the market expansion to Eastern Europe and the APAC region. With her expertise and experiences in the global market, she has been helping companies from various verticals, such as Samsung Electronics, Trendyol, TikTok, and more to find the eCommerce insight they need to grow their business.


Kilian Schuldt

Global Key Account Manager

Kilian is eCommerceDB's global Key Account Manager. Starting his e-commerce career at two renowned online pharmacies operating from Chicago and Munich, Kilian's passion for global markets, data, and facts brought him to Statista and eCommerceDB, where he now helps many small, medium, and large international companies access the right insights, make data-driven decisions, achieve their e-commerce goals, and grow their business.

LECTURE TITLE │ E-shoppers in Adriatic

Snježana Stanić

Regional manager of Marketing (DPD)

Snježana Stanić is the regional manager of marketing, communications and development of the Out of Home network and new services. Through her professional experience in the last twelve years of work at DPD, a member of the Geopost group, she gained knowledge in market and competitor analysis, market trends recognition, promotion of the DPD brand on the domestic market, the importance of the out of home delivery network and services, as well as in the creation of new and last mile service in particular. Furthermore, Stanić participates in some of the more strategically important corporate projects, aimed at improving the digital user experience of users and end recipients of packages, such as the rebranding of the officials DPD sites in both countries, the launch of the myDPD online and mobile application for users, the myDPD Business application, the Return My Parcel portal and other projects that aimed at raising the quality of the customer experience. For the last year, among other things, a special focus in her work has been on the expansion of the OOH network - Pickup locations and DPD Pickup parcel lockers in Croatia and Slovenia.

LECTURE TITLE │ Best practices for Value-Centric Measurement

Marin Lončar

Data & Measurement Solutions Manager

Marin's Google journey has spanned over 9 years, taking him across the US, the UK, and Central Europe. His passion for driving business growth through transformational projects has led him to his current role as a Data & Measurement manager, spearheading the Value Based Bidding program. Marin's unique blend of technical proficiency in online marketing and strong business acumen allows him to assist business leaders in implementing digital transformation initiatives with focus on privacy and business growth.


Pavel Jašek

Performance Solutions Lead

Pavel works at Google CEE team as Performance Solutions Lead. He has a deep analytical understanding of digital marketing solutions such as Performance Max campaigns, Search, and Shopping. With his passion for conversion excellence he helps e-commerce companies succeed in the future of Performance marketing and achieve their business goals.

LECTURE TITLE │ Unlocking the Power of Customer-Centric Strategies for Revenue Growth

Manca Šalehar

Marketing Manager

Manca is a successful marketing manager at Wolt, with more than 10 years of experience in brand management. Before her current role, she was responsible for the international positioning of Viberate, and before that, she worked at F2 and Propiar, where she was responsible for clients such as Volkswagen, Spar, Adidas, Petrol, and Dana.She has also successfully contributed her skills to some of the most promising start-up projects such as Rok's nut butter and the positioning of the established brand La Popsi, which also won the HIT Product of the Year 2018.

LECTURE TITLE │ Creating Content to Bust Biases and Convert

Kenda Macdonald

Best Selling Author, Speaker and Agency Founder

Kenda Macdonald is a forensic psychology major and the founder of Automation Ninjas. She is an international keynote speaker, a multi-award-winning businesswoman, a doting cat mom, and the author of the best selling book: Hack The Buyer Brain. Her biggest bugbear is how “modern” marketing doesn’t take consumer behaviour into consideration. Her mission is to fix that. Over years of insight through growing Automation Ninjas into an award-winning agency, becoming the UK’s leading behavioural automation agency through this behaviour first approach, Kenda has distilled her marketing knowledge and combined it with psychology proficiency.

LECTURE TITLE │ Transformation, and Building Creative Culture with heart inside of organizations

Vasily KasSab

Head of Design, PepsiCo (LATAM)

Vasily KasSab is an Entrepreneur / Designer with a wide cultural background spanning all across the Middle East, Italy, Russia, and Latin America. Currently, Vasily holds the position of Senior Head of Design of PepsiCo Latin America (LatAm) with a major responsibility of overseeing 100+ Brands on a global scale across 33 countries.Before joining PepsiCo in 2016, he helped build the biggest design Center in Eastern Europe, where he served as the Head of Design for Snack, Beverage, and Dairy Businesses. Since then Vasily has transformed and led the LatAm Design team from 2022 onward.As the head of Design for Eastern Europe, Vasily played a key role in transforming, building, and scaling design within Russian and Eastern European markets.Under his leadership, he infused consumer-centric, innovative, design-led thinking and expanded design into untapped areas, such as Brand design experience, Retail, eCommerce, Digital, and JVC. He is also responsible for building a multidisciplinary and diverse team that has achieved worldwide recognition with over 100 design awards in the last few years.

LECTURE TITLE │ Internationalize Your Fashion Brand like ABOUT YOU

Tom Dupont

Director Market Operations & Development, About You

Tom Dupont is an E-commerce expert with a passion for cross-border business. He's operating out of the ABOUT YOU headquarters in Hamburg (Germany). As Director Market Operations & Development, he is responsible for the optimization of AY's international operations and customer experience in Central- and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, over the past 5 years, he played a driving role in ABOUT YOU's market expansion throughout Europe.

LECTURE TITLE │ Integrate AI in your Marketing and Operations with the SPARK Framework

Alex Velinov

Chief Technology Officer, Tag Digital

Alex is a curious mind and a lifelong learner intrigued by everything from innovations and new technology to data, marketing, leadership, artificial intelligence, music, neuroscience, sound engineering, art, and everything in between. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and project management, Alex has worked for diverse agencies, in-house teams, and publishers. At the moment, Alex is the CTO at Tag Digital—an agency specializing in Event PPC.

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