About E-commerce JAM

Jazzy, funky industrial venues; stages filled with big brands such as NIKE, GOOGLE, ZALANDO, and COCA-COLA; big crowds; endless networking; the grand WRA award ceremony, and an unforgettable after party.

That is E-commerce Jam. Last year we broke our record with an all-time high – almost 450 visitors – and that is how we became the biggest and most well-known Adriatic e-commerce conference.

This year it is to be the same but even better. We are moving to Kino Šiška (Ljubljana, Slovenia), and have an especially entertaining program planned. Some of the speakers will be from competing brands to last year’s roster (Pepsi for example).


E-commerce Jam is the younger, spiritual successor of the Ecommerce Day conference. We’ve organised the conference in it’s various forms for more than over a decade!

3700+ applications 

4500+ visitors

over 120 Top notch speakers with helpful tips you can start using right away

Endless networking opportunities with business corners & popular networking spaces

Event Photos

Well don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Browse the gallery and get the full scope of what E-commerce Jam is all about!



Go see how much fun we had! We missed you though.