Web Retailer Award 2023 - with a new, refined methodology

Web Retailer competition is a living organism just like a dynamic e-commerce world that is rapidly changing these days. New trends shift the market, new entries of shops demand almost instant adjustment to serve modern, hyper informed shopper. Our main goal – to be objective in our multiple-dimensional choice of grading and detecting the best of the best online shops in the Adriatic region – demands a change also.

This year we tried even harder to ensure a fair and transparent competition with some changes in our methodology in order to ensure an even more professional and inclusive selection process.

So, let’s see what has stayed and what we have upgraded:

As previous years – the competition stays open to all web retailers, no matter the size. Participants must have a functioning online store that sells products or services directly to consumers. The language on the website needs to match the specified market in which it is competing, be it in Slovenia, Croatia or Serbia.


After their application, we generate a script  for all webshops which they then use on their webpage. This script works as a pop-up that will show up to actual customers of your services. If a webshop wants to advance in the competition it needs to receive at least 20 post-purchase reviews.


We use technical analysis for assessing applied webshops in accordance with up-to-date technical standards and best practices in the e-commerce world. We objectively evaluate webshops based on multiple criteria: customer experience, compliance with technical standards, page speed etc.


We have not forgotten to include webshops that won’t be able to gather 20 post-purchase reviews this year. Each entry that has received at least FIVE post-purchase reviews will be scored independently based on the judging criteria mentioned above and given a technical analysis report.

However, only webshops that have received at least 20 post-purchase reviews can proceed to the next round of the competition. In this 2nd round, we will combine the score of technical analysis along with customer reviews score to get an overall outcome. Based on the cumulative score we will then pick up to three best webshops from each category to advance into the finals.


Competing finalists will be reviewed and evaluated by an international committee of industry experts and professionals. Thus concluding the final column of the scoring process, and point distribution.


This year we have decided to add even more awards to the pool.
Benefiting from a more thought-out evaluation scheme this should suit applied webshop even more than ever before.

There are over 14 competition categories to choose from, and many other additional ones (at least 18).
An applying webshop selects the category that would suit their webshop category the most (thematically).


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