The best in Clothing & Footwear: Woolf

Meet the winners! 

In a series of interviews, we intend to let readers (you) get better acquainted, even if briefly, with what winning means to competing Web Retailer Award webshops, what they think was the key to their victory, what makes them rise above the rest, and what their plans are for the future. and is the winner of 3 awards!
Ranging from: Web Challenger Award, Category Award: Clothing & Footwear (for Slovenia), and Category Award: Clothing & Footwear (for Croatia) respectively.

1 │You have won! The international committee of experts has deemed you the best of the best. What are you feeling right now? 

I am very surprised and thankful. This is now the fourth time in a row that we have taken to the stage at the Web Retailer Award competition and I really don’t know what it is that sets us from the rest of the competition. I can only say that it appears we are on the right track.

2 │What do you think was the key to your victory at the Web Retailer Award 2023 competition? 

Truly, I can’t say. We are constantly working on our webshop, following trends, and really focusing our efforts on constant communication with shoppers, so I guess the positive feedback can be attributed to that. And it would appear that this effort is seen and recognizable.

3 │What makes your web shop different from the competition? 

It’s hard to answer that question, but one thing is for certain. We are different in our approach. We are reachable always over various communication channels, but over the phone preferably. This is something others typically don’t like doing as it takes more time and effort.

4 │Would you recommend applying to other retailers – and why, if so? 

Most definitely, like we do every year. I would really love for more webshops to apply, as then the pressure to excel is bigger and you really need to make an effort to win then. Our strengths need to be measured to keep performing in the long run, and with the very useful technical analysis competitors receive, our webshops can be improved even further. I see only advantages in applying to this competition, and will continue to do so every year, regardless of whether we win or not. There is always room for improvement.

5 │Rising inflation, market uncertainty, the enormous rise of costs – what steps have you taken to optimize your business? 

We’ve optimized our business in a few ways. We have thought hard about where we can save costs without affecting the quality of our services. For example, we have moved on from delivering our products in cardboard boxes to courier bags from recycled materials. This way we are more environmentally conscious, which is also important to our clients.

6 │What are your plans for 2024? 

To continue this pace, we plan to follow suit on where we can still improve, try to use more artificial intelligence where there is a place to do so, and explore new ways to grow. For starters our focus will be directed on the optimisation of SEO on all of our domains. We plan to double down on our Austrian and German domains and be more serious about those markets.

7 │In which areas of e-commerce do you see the most potential in the next three years and on which areas will you focus the most? 

We will continue to work on the quality of our services and explore new markets to which we can branch over. The key is to not sleep on our lorels and take on each day as a new challenge.

8 │Trust is one of the most important success factors in the world of e-commerce – how do you justify the trust of your customers? 

It is justified with our undivided attention. The customer’s data is completely secure, never breached, and their needs are addressed very quickly as are any problems that they might be facing. High marks from customer satisfaction surveys speak loudly of this, and in turn, raise the trust of future and existing customers alike.

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