Revealed speakers: What to Expect?

Prepare to be swept off your feet and into the fast-paced world of e-commerce innovation as E-commerce Jam 2023 gets ready to roll into Kino Šiška on November 9th. This electrifying event is set to be a game-changer, and the lineup of speakers is the ultimate proof. From groundbreaking entrepreneurs to design geniuses and technology visionaries, the stage will be graced by some of the most captivating minds in the industry, each bringing their unique expertise to the table.

Tomislav Lažeta │DPD

Tomislav Lažeta, DPD’s Regional Sales Director, brings over 17 years of logistics expertise, specializing in both international and domestic parcel delivery and eCommerce. His entrepreneurial spirit drives him and his sales team from Croatia and Slovenia to prioritize client relationships, always putting their needs first. Their shared success is rooted in their attentive approach, delivering personalized solutions, and upholding mutual trust. Tomislav firmly believes that understanding clients’ needs, providing top-notch service, surpassing expectations, and fostering mutual trust are pivotal in their business journey.

Kenda Macdonald │Automation ninjas

Meet Kenda Macdonald – a true powerhouse, founder of Automation Ninjas, and an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker. With a background in forensic psychology and a heart for feline friends, Kenda is a best-selling author of the book “Hack The Buyer Brain.” She’s on a mission to revolutionize modern marketing by emphasizing consumer behavior. Through the success of her award-winning agency, Kenda has honed her marketing wisdom, expertly blending it with psychology. Get ready to dive into her insights on aligning marketing with human psychology for unprecedented results.

Vasily KasSab PEPSICO

Vasily KasSab, a dynamic Entrepreneur and Designer, boasts a rich cultural tapestry spanning across the Middle East, Italy, Russia, and Latin America. Holding the position of Senior Head of Design at PepsiCo Latin America (LatAm), Vasily oversees 100+ global brands across 33 countries. His journey includes spearheading design for Eastern Europe, making him a transformative force within Russian and Eastern European markets. His leadership has breathed innovation into design-thinking, expanding its realm to encompass Brand design experience, Retail, eCommerce, Digital, and more. Expect Vasily to share his insights on creating unforgettable brand experiences through design.

Tom Dupont About You

E-commerce aficionado Tom Dupont is the Director of Market Operations & Development at About You, stationed at the heart of the action in Hamburg, Germany. With a burning passion for cross-border business, Tom’s expertise has played a pivotal role in ABOUT YOU’s expansion across Europe. He’s the driving force behind optimizing international operations and customer experiences in Central- and Eastern Europe. Prepare for a deep dive into the realm of cross-border commerce as Tom shares his invaluable insights.

Alex Velinov Tag Digital

With a zest for learning and an insatiable curiosity, Alex Velinov is a name to remember. He’s a seasoned professional in digital marketing, project management, and leadership with a career spanning 15 years. Currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer at Tag Digital, Alex brings a wealth of experience from diverse agencies, in-house teams, and publishers. His interests range from artificial intelligence to neuroscience, making him a true polymath. Get ready to uncover the secrets of digital marketing from Alex’s wealth of knowledge.

Marin Lončar Google

With an illustrious journey at Google spanning over 9 years and traversing regions including the US, UK, and Central Europe, Marin Lončar has taken on his current mantle as Data & Measurement Solutions Manager. Marin is the force behind the innovative Value Based Bidding program. His exemplary skills combine an unparalleled technical understanding of online marketing with sharp business insights. This makes him instrumental in guiding business leaders on their digital transformation voyages, always ensuring a balance between privacy and sustainable business growth.

Pavel Jašek Google

As the Performance Solutions Lead for the Google CEE team, Pavel Jašek is at the forefront of digital marketing solutions. His expertise spans Performance Max campaigns, Search, and Shopping domains. With a fervent passion for conversion excellence, Pavel is the beacon for e-commerce entities, guiding them to soar in the evolving landscape of Performance marketing and ensuring they consistently meet their business objectives.

Manca Šalehar Wolt

As the Marketing Manager at Wolt, Manca Šalehar brings over a decade of expertise in brand management to the table. Prior to this, she played a pivotal role in the international positioning of Viberate. Her earlier stints include impactful tenures at F2 and Propiar, managing prestigious clients including Volkswagen, Spar, Adidas, Petrol, and Dana. Manca’s remarkable contributions can also be seen in emerging startups like Rok’s nut butter, as well as in the successful repositioning of established brand La Popsi, a feat that clinched the coveted title of HIT Product of the Year 2018.

But, honestly, E-commerce Jam 2023 isn’t just about captivating speakers; it’s a gateway to a world of benefits. From unparalleled networking opportunities and interactive workshops to thought-provoking Q&A sessions, this event is designed to elevate your e-commerce game. Explore cutting-edge solutions, dive into the latest trends, and connect with fellow entrepreneurs who share your passion. Come November 9th, Kino Šiška in Ljubljana, Slovenia, will be buzzing with e-commerce enthusiasts, innovative thinkers, and industry pioneers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your e-commerce journey, this event promises to be an unmissable experience that will leave you inspired, motivated, and armed with the tools you need to conquer the world of online business.

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