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Meet the winners! 

In a series of interviews, we intend to let readers (you) get better acquainted, even if briefly, with what winning means to competing Web Retailer Award webshops, what they think was the key to their victory, what makes them rise above the rest, and what their plans are for the future. is the winner of over 4 awards!
Ranging from: Best in Adriatic, Web Champion Award, Category Award: Healthy diet and Nutritional Supplements; and Committee Award respectively.

1 │You have won! The international committee of experts has deemed you the best of the best. What are you feeling right now? 

We are proud and happy because this is evidence that both experts and our clients consistently recognize our effort and progress, which is good motivation for the entire team.

2 │What do you think was the key to your victory at the Web Retailer Award 2023 competition? 

The main reason, I think, is the new website, with a fresh look, but still with an authentic Malinca touch. We have done a lot in the past year to improve the user experience, personalize the offer, and thereby enhance the Average Order Value (AOV) and Conversion Rate (CR) as well.

3 │What makes your web shop different from the competition? 

Design – we went for a clean, but still authentic look that draws the visitor in. I believe the difference also lies in the clear product offering, video presentations of products instead of pictures, a good search engine (searching through products, packages, recipes, blogs), and a clear and simple online shopping cart. The website is very mobile-friendly.

4 │Would you recommend applying to other retailers – and why, if so? 

I definitely recommend taking part. We have been part of this competition for 9 consecutive years. I find it excellent because you get external opinions from experts in the field of e-commerce, customers, and ideas on what you can further improve in the future, as well as ideas for growth.

5 │Rising inflation, market uncertainty, the enormous rise of costs – what steps have you taken to optimize your business? 

This year, we have mainly optimised costs (especially marketing and logistics), focused on the most profitable products and campaigns, thus avoiding price increases for products while simultaneously increasing profitability.

6 │What are your plans for 2024? 

In addition to the development and launch of 7 new products, we have 3 main focuses for 2024, namely: the development of a customer data platform, the upgrade of the user account and the personalisation of offers for the visitors.

7 │In which areas of e-commerce do you see the most potential in the next three years and on which areas will you focus the most? 

I can name five 😊 Website and offer personalization for visitors, omnichannel marketing, subscription systems, using artificial intelligence in the workflow and cobranding with powerful influencers.

8 │Trust is one of the most important success factors in the world of e-commerce – how do you justify the trust of your customers? 

  • Building relationships through personal communication and assistance,
  • Quality products (regularly upgrading them when we see an opportunity),
  • Listening and taking people’s wishes into account,
  • Providing a good user experience,
  • Aligning with values we follow (transparency, positivity, courage, creativity, responsibility and a healthy lifestyle),
  • Emphasizing testimonials,
  • Implementing a loyalty program and great user accounts.

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