Best Cross-border Shop │ Gymbeam!

Meet the winners! 

In a series of interviews, we intend to let readers (you) get better acquainted, even if briefly, with what winning means to competing Web Retailer Award webshops, what they think was the key to their victory, what makes them rise above the rest, and what their plans are for the future.

Gymbeam is the winner of over 4 awards!
Ranging from: Best Cross-border Shop, Web Champion Award, Category Award: Healthy diet and nutritional supplements; and Best Customer Care respectively.

1 │You have won! The international committee of experts has deemed you the best of the best. What are you feeling right now? 

Winning four awards at the Web Retailer Award is an incredibly exciting and fulfilling moment for GymBeam and myself. Knowing that a distinguished international committee of experts has recognized our efforts and deemed GymBeam the best in multiple categories is truly humbling. It not only validates the hard work and dedication of our entire team but also inspires us to continue pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the world of e-commerce. This achievement fuels our passion for delivering exceptional products and services to our customers and motivates us to strive for even greater excellence in the future.

2 │What do you think was the key to your victory at the Web Retailer Award 2023 competition? 

The key to our victory at the Web Retailer Award 2023 lies in our commitment to excellence across various facets of our business. First and foremost, our success is rooted in a customer-centric approach. We prioritize understanding and meeting the needs of our customers, consistently delivering high-quality products and services that exceed their expectations. Ultimately, it’s the combination of customer focus, innovation, dedicated teamwork, and adaptability that has been the key to our victory. We see these elements as not just strategies for winning awards, but as fundamental principles that will continue to guide our success in the future.

3 │What makes your web shop different from the competition? 

Our web shop distinguishes itself through a focus on customer experience, offering a diverse range of high-quality products. We prioritize transparency, trust, and ethical practices. Our commitment to engaging content, and community building further sets us apart, creating a unique and memorable shopping experience that goes beyond traditional e-commerce.

4 │Would you recommend applying to other retailers – and why, if so? 

Absolutely, I would highly recommend applying to other retailers. Participating in such competitions offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it provides valuable external validation of the efforts and excellence of your business. Winning or even being recognized as a finalist can enhance your brand credibility and reputation. Moreover, these opportunities often come with networking advantages. Engaging with other retailers, industry experts, and potential partners during the awards ceremonies can lead to valuable connections and partnerships. It opens doors to a broader community within the retail industry, fostering collaboration and shared insights. In summary, applying to other retailers is not just about winning; it’s a strategic investment in your brand’s visibility, credibility, and continuous improvement within the dynamic landscape of the e-commerce industry.

5 │Rising inflation, market uncertainty, the enormous rise of costs – what steps have you taken to optimize your business? 

In response to rising inflation and market uncertainty, we’ve optimized our business through higher efficiency and diversification of our product range. We are also trying to adapt quickly on changes and optimize every process to gain full efficiency.

6 │What are your plans for 2024? 

We aim to become the number one choice in Slovenia while maintaining our leadership in Croatia. Through product diversification, and a commitment to excellence, we’re determined to set new standards in online retail across the region.

7 │In which areas of e-commerce do you see the most potential in the next three years and on which areas will you focus the most? 

In the next three years, we foresee significant potential in the areas of augmented reality in e-commerce, sustainability-focused practices, and the integration of artificial intelligence for personalized shopping experiences. Our primary focus will be on leveraging these trends to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. By embracing innovative technologies and emphasizing sustainable practices, we aim to stay at the forefront of e-commerce, providing a seamless and forward-thinking shopping experience for our customers.

8 │Trust is one of the most important success factors in the world of e-commerce – how do you justify the trust of your customers? 

We earn and justify our customers’ trust through transparency in business practices, responsive customer support, and a commitment to ethical and quality standards. Actively engaging with our customer community further reinforces our dedication to building lasting trust in our brand. We are simply trying to build not a customer base, but a strong community.

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